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Competency-Based Learning

e2L Master Class: Competency-Based Distance or Blended Learning

This course guides educators on how to create competency-based remote or blended learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant, differentiated, and grow autonomous learners. Based on the e2L Best Practices for Virtual Learning, the courses focused on creating an engaging and collaborative environment for teacher, learner, and parent. It includes content aligned to the iNACOL standards for learning and can be applied to 100% remote virtual environments or those that include a face-to-face component in a blended setting.

Course topics include:
-What systems you need for your virtual classroom
-Preparing tools and trackers that engage learners to set goals and plan learning paths
-Strategies for facilitating collaboration and problem-solving in a virtual environment
-Assessing along the way to ensure learning is happening
-What communication systems are needed for learners and parents when learning takes place in the virtual space
  • e2L Master Class: Competency-Based Remote or Blended Learning
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever